Carrick Wealth Announces Bold Africa Expansion

Carrick Wealth is excited to announce the addition of two African jurisdictions to its international footprint. Pending final approval of licences, Carrick will be opening offices in Kenya and Zambia next year as well has reengaging our license in Botswana.

Added to Carrick’s already-established presence in South Africa, Mauritius, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, the new offices will affirm the company’s status as a bold and optimistic pioneer in the African market. We plan to open more offices on the African continent soon as part of our bold African expansion plans.

For too long, international financial services providers have viewed customers on the African continent, especially outside of South Africa, as easy sources of revenue who can be charged high premiums for services because their countries lack sophisticated and formalised financial sectors. Swiss banks, especially, charge high fees to African clients wishing to transact and invest, and rarely offer much in the way of wealth management services.

By contrast, Carrick wishes to fill the gap in the African market for truly global financial advisers that assist clients to safeguard and grow their wealth.

The African continent is the world’s true economic frontier, home to the billionaires of tomorrow. Increasingly, wealthy African clients are demanding better outcomes from their financial services providers. This entails sound and holistic advice about global investments, discretionary investment management, and the wrapping of their portfolios in proper fiduciary support including jurisdiction-specific wills and estates planning and trust administration.

Accordingly, clients are looking to safely invest and grow their wealth in international jurisdictions, mitigating the risk of living and earning in Africa. This keeps skilled persons and entrepreneurs at home within risk parameters that are tolerable to them and their families, helping to reverse the skills and capital drain that plagues African economies.

Carrick is unique in fulfilling these needs for its clients. In addition to this, we are working hard to form partnerships with local banks, insurers, large employers and trust managers to provide complete and holistic financial management services to our clients.

Our goal is clear: Carrick wants to grow and preserve African wealth. As we expand our African footprint ever further, we are confident that the activities of financial service providers who only aim to extract wealth from African customers by overcharging them for services will be brought to an end.

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