Chek Africa Launches

Chek Africa Holdings, a South Africa privately owned eCommerce Company, announced the launch of, a real-time e-recruitment platform focused solely to locum professionals and employers in the healthcare industry. The platform embraces the locum industry by encompassing its innate flexibility with functionally rich e-recruitment solutions, making it the ideal tool for healthcare employers to find the best locums, get faster qualified bookings for their locum jobs and for locums to search and book locum jobs timely.

“Locum professionals provide ready means for organizations to fill positions that may be available on temporary basis. However the uncertainty and transient nature of the industry can be challenging and nerve-racking to locums and for the hiring organization, higher costs are involved as intermediaries are mostly used to find the best qualified locums. Cheklocums eliminates this encumbrance to productivity and financial resources by offering a real-time e-recruitment tools that foster a cost-effective approach to finding the best locum candidates for available locum Jobs; a practical planning approach and definite control to locums to make their career more pleasurable and lucrative,” said Bandela B. Mgoqi, Founder and CEO of Chek Africa Holdings.

Cheklocums has a natural and heuristic workflow with an easy-to-use interface. Upon registering, locums upload their CV by either filing out a simple CV form or allow LinkedIn® to auto-fill their CV. They then setup real-time alerts that will update them with latest locum jobs via email.

Cheklocums currently offers employers the following features with expanding feature list as the platform is under continuous development:

  • Sub-accounts
  • Locum Boolean Search
  • Online Screening
  • Private Messaging
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Real-time Locum Alerts

“With, we want locum professionals and employers to find each other. We hope to reduce the time-to-find locum jobs and cost-to-hire locums by half,” said Bandela.

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