Countdown to the Grand Launch of Next Generation ATM Architecture

ATMIA has announced that next generation ATM architecture will be launched at the association’s main European event  “ATM & Payments Innovation Summit” which takes place on 17th-19th October, 2018 at the Eurostars Madrid Tower Hotel.

“The Governance and PR & Communications subcommittees of the Consortium for Next Generation ATMs, which has grown to 125 companies across the world, determined that we should aim for a public launch of this new ATM ecosystem for the world at our upcoming European conference in Madrid,” Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, announced. “It’s time to link 3 million ATMs to 5 billion mobile phones. This is the industry’s vision of its future.”

“What better place could there be than an ATMIA event in Madrid to launch Next Generation ATM architecture? Spain has been a leading nation in the field of ATM innovation for many years and the ATMIA is certainly the only worldwide Industry Trade Association with the credibility to guide the project to full fruition,” commented Ron Delnevo, Executive Director Europe of ATMIA.

The Consortium for Next Generation ATMs is a global future-proofing exercise made up of companies in all major markets representing every sector of the ATM value chain.

“The global blueprint signed off by the Consortium represents the biggest consensus every achieved in our industry on the way forward to keep ATMs relevant for tomorrow’s world,” Lee added.

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