Drive-up Cash Withdrawals Cash machines With Air Conditioning For Saudi Hollandi Bank

Saudi Hollandi Bank will offer customers drive-up cash withdrawals at even more locations in the future. The bank is extending its ATM network both in the drive-up and branch area. Wincor Nixdorf together with its sales and service partner for Saudi Arabia, Abana, has received an order for delivery and installation of 130 CINEO ATMs.

More than 50 of these are drive-up systems that customers can use to withdraw cash without having to leave their vehicle. “As top temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius and higher, banks in the Gulf Region want to offer their customers ultimate convenience,” says Mr. Amr Abdulaziz Alamr, General Manager at Abana. The cash machines have been equipped with special air-conditioning systems to avoid overheating under the Saudi Arabian sun and ensure high system availability.
The systems are slated to be rolled out in May. Once installed, Abana will also handle IT services for the systems.
ABANA won this deal on the back of its unique “ATM Outsourcing Project,” which included a number of project management tasks such designing and constructing the ATM site installations.

Saudi Hollandi Bank was founded in 1926 and was the first operating bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Hollandi Bank employs 1,504 staff and operates 45 branches and 265 ATMs providing banking services throughout the Kingdom.

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