EziPay Partners with MFS Africa to Enable Remittances Across Africa

Award-winning, intra-African, cross-border remittances and digital wallet company EziPay, has partnered with MFS Africa, the continent’s leading digital payments gateway, to bring last mile connectivity for remittances and collections to and from mobile money wallets and bank accounts in Africa.

 The partnership comes at a time when mobile money is burgeoning at increasing rates on the continent, with businesses and individuals alike requiring solutions that allow them to transact across regions. 

“At MFS Africa, it has always been important to us to help businesses of all sizes scale by building a network hub and partner ecosystem that shares these same values. Partnering with EziPay, an organisation that is known for providing digital wallets for inward and outward remittance to MSMEs, SMEs and individuals across continents, made complete sense to further enable the interoperability we aim to achieve through our acquisitions and partnerhsips,” says Dare Okoudjou, Founder and CEO at MFS Africa.

 EziPay, which has a presence in 14 African countries, currently has a global user base of over 300 000,  including Africans in the diaspora as well as those in the local expat community who utilise EziPay’s digital wallets for inward and outward remittances.  The organisation’s global wallet Mauritius offering is currently live with over 90+ countries payout corridors.

 Amit Gaur, Co-Founder and CEO at EziPay, says, “With EziPay and MFS Africa joining hands to solve cross continent remittances to Africa from Asia, Europe, the UK and the USA, remittances for goods, services, school fees, medical transfers, business transfers, family maintenance allowances, and P2P transfers will be enabled. I firmly believe that with the MFS Africa partnership, our customers will have instant remittances to bank accounts and wallets across Africa for our ever growing customer base.”

MFS Africa has enabled more possibilities, more connections and more interoperability for individuals and businesses alike. The organisation’s full-service digital payments network connects over 400 million mobile money wallets, over 200 million bank accounts, and over 120,000 agents in Nigeria.

“As Africa’s mobile money landscape continues to evolve, we hope that entrepreneurs will be able to take their businesses to the next level through partnerships like these. Ultimately, we hope that it will lead to not only a more connected Africa, but also a more connected world,” concludes Okoudjou.

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