Fingerprints Launches ‘Out of the Box’ Enrollment Demo for Biometric Payment Cards

World-leading biometrics company, Fingerprint Cards has launched a new enrollment demo for biometric payment cards, a concept that enables consumers to quickly and securely add their fingerprints to cards before even taking it out of the box.

The powered box solution has been designed to simplify and enrich the user’s first touch-point with their new payment card and reduce time-to-use. Upon opening the box, users are presented with the card and instructions for how to get started, and can simply enroll in a matter of touches, with an on-card LED to indicate success. With the entire process managed by the user, and biometric data stored only on the card itself, cardholders can feel confident their data remains secure under their control.

“Our consumer research and trial feedback have shown the importance of the initial enrollment process. Any point of friction could put users off, so it is important that we as a company, and an industry, get this right,” comments Lina Andolf-Orup, Product Marketing, Business Line Smartcards at Fingerprints.

“To truly make biometric payment cards a success, we need to create an experience. We want consumers to be engaged and excited, to trust their new card right from when it’s, quite literally, presented to them. Open, enroll and go.”

Fingerprints’ complete enrollment solution will encompass a full range of options, enabling banks and consumers to select the scenario that works best for them. Other options include enrolling with a mobile banking app (with instructions and guidance built-in) using the mobile device to power the card, or at the payment terminal.

“Undoubtedly, the preferred way to enroll will differ between markets and demographics. As an end-to-end solution provider, we can make our enrollment solutions work in perfect harmony to deliver a range of options that deliver consumers simplicity and security,” adds Lina.

Read Fingerprints latest blog to learn more about its work with UX design studio Blockzero to develop its user-focused enrollment solution. To see Fingerprints’ vision for the future of enrollment for biometric payment cards in action, visit its booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month (25-28 February). Can’t make the show? Watch this latest video to learn more.

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