FNB Branches Widen Digital Banking Reach

FNB customers are increasingly using the bank’s branch based Digital Zones to transact. The bank says the use of its Digital Zones has grown considerably since introduction in 2016 with more than a third of all service transactions done in branches, completed in the digital zone.

Lee-Anne van Zyl, CEO of FNB Points of Presence, says “Digitising branch banking is central to our holistic digital banking strategy which incorporates other channels such as our banking app. We are delighted to see customers who traditionally process transactions over the counter, increasingly using our array of self-service channels at our branches.”

In terms of user demographic, customers aged between 31 – 45 constitute the largest group that uses Digital Zones followed by customers aged between 46 – 60. FNB says approximately 80% of its branches now have Digital Zones which are supported by an eBanker whose responsibility is to assist customers.

“We encourage our customers to a take advantage of efficient digital banking channels, which are not only convenient but equally cost-effective. Customers who use our Digital Zones typically spend less time in the branch and they are most likely to spend less on bank related costs. The other implication is that we have optimal control of foot traffic into branches, which enhances efficiencies and customer experience,” adds van Zyl.

Columinate South Africa’s 2018 SITEisfaction report revealed that customers banking on FNB’s Digital channels currently have the most gratifying user experience. FNB dominated overall customer satisfaction metrics on both the Best Mobile Banking and Best Internet Banking categories.

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