FNB Clients Embracing In-App Messaging for Banking

FNB has recorded a 56% increase in the number of FNB Premier clients who used ‘Secure Chat’ between July 2017 and July 2018. ‘Secure Chat’ is FNB’s instant messaging service on the FNB App that clients can use to contact their team of bankers.

App logins further increased by 55% with the average number of logins per month increasing by 17%, over the same period.

Kamal Kalian, FNB Premier CEO, says FNB’s digital migration strategy continues to yield positive results with a significant number of clients now using digital banking channels to manage their day to day finances. Kalian adds that the bank has invested substantially to introduce helpful digital innovations that enhance clients’ lives.

The increasing use of ‘Secure ChatTM’ amongst FNB Premier clients who earn between R300 000 and R750 000 per annum is synonymous with the overall use of the FNB App amongst all FNB clients, which increased volumes by 65% in the past financial year.

Digital banking not only offers clients convenience and peace of mind, but empowers them to have full control of their finances.

“Many of our Premier clients have fast paced lives and are constantly looking for digital tools that have extensive functionalities, enabling them to manage finances and other areas of their lives on the go. Consequently, the FNB App has also become an effective way for clients to access information and for us to communicate with them regularly through push notifications.”

The FNB App, has become more than just a banking tool, but also a lifestyle enabler through industry leading solutions, such as nav>> Money which helps clients manage their personal finances, amongst other value-added services.

FNB Gold has also seen a steady uptake of digital channels in this market, which is comprised of clients who have a monthly income of between R84 000 and R300 000 per annum

Over the past financial year App logins significantly increased among Gold clients. This trend is expected to continue as more clients migrate to digital channels, particularly the FNB App.

“Through our ability to digitise the front end and automate the back end of our banking systems, we can add value by giving clients access to sophisticated products and services via our digital channels, and this has contributed immensely to the uptake of the FNB App among Premier clients,” concludes Kalian.

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