FNB Launches 2014 Teach Children To Save South Africa

FNB kicked off the 2014 Teach Children To Save South Africa (TCTS SA) Programme in association with the Banking Association of South Africa at the Ntemoseng High School in the Botshabelo Township in the Free State on Friday 7 March.

“We look forward to this campaign every year because financial literacy is not just for adults. It’s a skill that everyone must learn in order to take charge of their financial wellbeing and teaching concepts such as saving at a young age will hopefully put children on a journey to being financially responsible adults,” says Eunice Sibiya, Head of Consumer Education at FNB.
612 pupils between Grade 10 to 12 were educated on fundamental financial literacy skills, in particular saving.

“It is always so rewarding to see how these children embrace the programme. We had many students asking questions and wanting to know more about basic financial literacy. If we can start at this age then there is a good chance that these children will be financially savvy later on in life,” says Sibiya.

Mr Maphisa, teacher and coordinator at the Ntemoseng High School said; “We were privileged to have FNB at our school to provide such valuable content to our learners. The financial disciplines and guidance covered will definitely help our learners start on the right footing regarding their finances even in their adulthood. I must say, I learnt a thing or two myself”.

During its six year involvement in the TCTS SA Programme FNB has reached around 59 300 children all over the country, in various provinces as part of its commitment to spreading financial education principles to every corner of South Africa.

The full programme runs in the month of July, which is savings month.

“This year we have educators in six regions all over the country, we plan to educate over 15 000 children on the importance of saving,” says Sibiya.

FNB is committed to spreading financial literacy across all age groups and as a result there will be financially savvy children who make good financial decisions.

“Many people end up in financial trouble which could have been avoided if they had the knowledge on how to handle their money and programmes such as TCTS SA are very important, as they contribute to creating a financially literate country,” concludes Sibiya.

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