FNB Updates Their Online Banking Services

FNB recently unveiled a number of new enhancements to its Online Banking platform in an ongoing effort to simplify its digital channels making the lives of customers easier. Customers will now be able to import recipients, reactivate a blocked bank card as well as search for traffic fines using an ID number through Online Banking.

As well as the new functionality, minor cosmetic changes have been made to FNB’s Online Banking. These changes have taken client and social media feedback into account and do not include any major functional changes.

“In July 2013, we launched Africa’s first responsive and scalable website. Our aim was to use new technologies as well as completely change the traditional look and feel of FNB’s Online Banking across Africa,” says Lee-Anne van Zyl, CEO of FNB Online Banking.

“We continue to strive to make our online environment as simple as possible as well as add features that will help our customers, not only with their banking, but also in their everyday activities,” continues van Zyl

Through anecdotal feedback, FNB understands that one of the biggest annoyances for people when switching banks is when they have to upload all their recipients to their online banking profile. In order to help customers, FNB has made it easier by providing two options to import the recipient details directly on to FNB’s system so that customers don’t need to go to a branch.

FNB has also made it possible for customers to reset their PIN themselves, online, and whenever it suits them.

“Forgetting your bank card’s PIN or getting it wrong three times in a row can happen to anyone, in the past that would mean that customers would need to go to a branch to reset their pin, going forward it can be done immediately online,” explains van Zyl.

FNB tries to make the lives of customers easier by allowing them to buy airtime, lotto and make other everyday purchases online. Another of the bank’s latest enhancements is the ability to view and pay traffic fines via Online Banking, by using their ID numbers, without the need to visit any other website.

“Another FNB Online “hidden secret” is functionality that allows primary account holders to share their accounts with their spouses, partners, children, siblings, etc. is the ability to create secondary users within their own Online profiles,” says van Zyl.

This follows a trend that a large number of consumers indicated that they would like to share their accounts – but still retain full control with the same level of security on their profiles and accounts. FNB believes that this functionality is not offered by any of its competitors.

“We want to shape the digital experience for our clients and we know we can only truly achieve this by continuously evolving and building on everything our clients already love about our systems,” concludes van Zyl.

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