FNB’s eBucks Rewards Programme is Revolutionising Financial Services

The longest running behavioural rewards programme in SA’s banking sector

FNB’s eBucks Rewards programme is South Africa’s leading multi-partner rewards programme that has spent the past 20 years driving good banking behaviour and rewarding customers with R14.2 billion in eBucks since inception. To date, customers have redeemed R13.3 billion in eBucks through a network spanning 30 partners nationwide.

eBucks is available to FNB customers without any joining fee or monthly subscription, and the benefits are offered across credit, transact, invest and insure relationships. Customers enjoy benefits through a diverse range of categories including food, pharmaceutical and fuel. For instance, customers can earn up to 15% at Clicks and Shoprite/Checkers, and up to R8 per litre at Engen. In insurance, customers with select FNB Life insurance products can earn up to 40% of their monthly premiums back in eBucks.

Jacques Celliers, CEO of FNB says, “eBucks has always been much more than a loyalty programme to us. It lies at the heart of our relationship with our Retail and Commercial customers. We have fine-tuned the programme over the years with one eye on ensuring excellent value to the customer and the other on directing customer behaviour towards our digital transformation. In the last year, eBucks was awarded Best programme of the year in financial services and the Most Innovative use of Technology by South African Loyalty Awards. This is part of a string of accolades dating back to its launch.”

“In future eBucks will play a greater role in the rapid evolution of our banking services which are designed to help customers better manage their money. More importantly, we are proud of the giant strides we continue to make in fully integrating the rewards experience into our digital platform journey to enable customers to manage, spend, and earn more rewards. eBucks is also one of the largest online retailers in the country through our eBucks Shop and a unique ability to book airline tickets at attractive discounts using our FNB App. All these activities deepen our Retail and Commercial relationships,” says Celliers.

In the last year, eBucks introduced rebates on select accounts as another way to reward customers. This is coupled with introducing a range of measures to help customers learn from their previous financial behaviour with suggestion of how to earn and spend eBucks.

“As our lives have changed dramatically in 2020, so too has our expectation of digital delivery. A seamless and easy interface is expected as the norm. Yet, a platform that empowers the customer, enables convenience and has strong elements of pay-back in its rewards programme creates a unique value proposition that continues to attract new customers,” adds Celliers.

“Over the last 180 years we have demonstrated that we are a business focused on using and developing the most modern tools to enable our colleagues and customers. Exciting benefits derived from platform based efficiencies continue to be reinvested into further enhancements of our value propositions across transact, credit, invest and insure activities,” concludes Celliers

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