MasterCard Launches Free Shipping for Top eCommerce Sites in US

Free Shipping by MasterCard launches for shoppers in the U.S. and provides access to free two-day shipping at five top e-commerce sites including Best Buy, QVC, Macy’s Kohl’s and Walmart.

Buyers simply go through the Free Shipping by MasterCard site, make their purchase with a MasterCard credit or debit card, email their order confirmation showing the 2-day shipping charge and will then receive a statement credit for the cost of two-day shipping up to $20 per order and up to a maximum of $500 per 6-month subscription.

“We know that free shipping is something shoppers are looking for during the holiday season and in partnering with Clarus Marketing we were able to deliver a program that provides free two-day shipping at the top ecommerce merchants where consumers are shopping,” said Anant Nambiar, MasterCard SVP, Global Consumer Product Development. “Shoppers get a great added value benefit and another opportunity to simplify the holiday gifting experience giving them more time to enjoy what matters most.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with MasterCard to provide their cardholders savings at some of the most popular e-commerce sites,” said Tom Caporaso, CEO of Clarus Marketing Group. “Our solution applies credits directly to subscribers’ registered cards, so MasterCard cardholders will enjoy a clean user experience and seamless access to savings on 2-day shipping. And participating retailers will benefit from the increased traffic and motivated shoppers that a free-shipping offer generates while still earning revenue from their 2-day shipping services.”

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