Freshfons, Aten Launch ATM Remote Management Technology in Nigeria

Freshfons Nigeria and Aten have announced the launch of ATM remote management technology in Nigeria, an all-in-one hardware-based control unit that provides KVM over IP, remote power, aerial console management and virtual media functionality.

Aten KN1000 KVM Over the NET offers remote ATM management and support by enabling administrators to access, monitor and repair ATMs from remote locations using a web browser.

“To help administrator manage and control ATMs, the KN1000’s built-in power outlet provides remote power management (on, off and rebooting). The KN1000’s virtual media functionality allows users to perform diagnostic testing, file transfer, as well as OS and application patches from a remote console,” Freshfons said in a statement.

An advantage of the technology is that there is no need to physically load a CD directly onto the server to perform data-related tasks.

Freshfons said: “The KN1000 also enables convenient and efficient troubleshooting, allowing users to resolve any problems at the BIOS level from anywhere. Due to the KN1000′s remote access capabilities, banks need not dispatch field service tech nicians to ATM sites for troubleshooting. This greatly reduces manpower costs and the downtime of ATM.”

The company said the KN1000 is effective as an end-to-end solution for remote management and virtual service solution for ATM and other remote computing environments.

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