GCB Tops at Ghana Club 100 Award

GCB Bank PLC at the weekend reestablished itself as Ghana’s number one financial institution when the bank was adjudged tops in the financial services in the Ghana Club 100 awards.

GCB Bank PLC was named the tenth best performing company/bank at the 19TH Ghana Club 100 Awards ceremony in Accra on Friday. The event is organized by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC).

Although GCB placed 10th in the overall 100 best companies operating in Ghana it was the only bank and financial institution among the first 10 best companies in Ghana.

The Deputy Managing Director, Finance, GCB Bank PLC, Mr Socrates Afram, who received that award in an interview said the Bank is more flexible in granting credit to businesses during these turbulent times in order to support and sustain firms.

Interacting with the media after the Bank picked up the award, Mr. Afram said “the key for us is that in these difficult times, we can still see opportunities and businesses we can pick and support.”

“I must say that generally this is not the time for any financial institution to be very aggressive and bullish on granting credit but in the midst of this challenge, there are still pockets of opportunities, it is up to us working with our customers to identify those opportunities and help so that we can all go through this seamlessly without disturbing the stability of the bank so that when things normalise we can come back and do greater things,” he said.

The GCB Bank PLC is poised to build a resilient bank and identify opportunities to support Ghanaians and businesses, Mr. Afram noted.

In apparent reference to the award and position, the Deputy MD said, “it is not so much about the position but about building a sustainable brand that can support Ghanaians, businesses and individuals to achieve their financial objectives.

“For us the recognition of the fact that we have shown profit, we have grown, we are committed to CSR, those are the things that matter to us,” he emphasized.

In terms of operations, “I have said it about sustainability, we are going through turbulent times and as bank, our focus today is how do we build a resilient bank that will survive and go beyond these turbulent times so that we can continue to play our part as the biggest financial institution in the country to support Ghanaians, businesses.”

Present with Mr Afram were the Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Mr Eric Coffie, Legal Counsel, Ms Jessie Jacintho and Mr Kojo Kwarteng, Head of Corporate Affairs of GCB Bank.

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