Halo Dot Achieves Visa Ready Certification for Tap to Phone SDK

Halo Dot – a division of Synthesis Software Technologies, announced today that it has achieved the latest Visa Certification for its products. Halo Dot is a fintech that enables instant contactless payments on any Android device.

Earlier this year, Visa published new security standards for Software Development Kits (SDKs) that enable secure digital payment acceptance on consumer mobile devices. This certification is known as a ‘Full SDK’ and this provides significant benefits over the previous standard. Integrators who use the Full SDK no longer need to submit their payment application to a PCI laboratory for a security assessment, saving them time and thousands of dollars.

An SDK is a coding toolset that enables developers to embed core payment functionality into their Apps without needing to worry about the compliance and strict security standards associated with accepting card payments. Halo Dot has achieved the Full SDK certification, which means that customers will gain time and cost savings when using Halo Dot.

Previously, anyone developing a contactless payment App, would need to submit the App to a PCI laboratory for a security assessment. Visa would then approve the solution based on the PCI lab findings. This process would typically distract developers from their core value proposition, and the review would take several weeks, with lab fees costing tens of thousands of dollars – all these factors were prohibitive for the adoption of SoftPOS technology.

Now, anyone using the Halo.SDK can quickly and easily launch their SoftPOS payment application without any security lab costs. A new solution can be launched in just a few days because Halo Dot has lowered barriers and complexity.

Customers that would benefit from the new Halo.SDK include payment-solution-providers (PSPs), merchant aggregators and ISO’s, large retailers, electronic cash register providers, and Acquirers.

Pierre Aurel, Product Director at Halo Dot, said that: “Our goal at Halo Dot has always been about simplicity, focusing on how we can simplify security, compliance, and scalability for our customers. Our new SDK allows App builders to rapidly launch payment products without the overheads previously associated with card payments.”

Aurel added: “Achieving this Visa certification validates our expertise in the area of contactless payments. Our team’s passion and knowledge of mobile, cloud and cybersecurity define us as leaders in the SoftPOS arena.”

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