High-risk Businesses are Often Enforced to Undertake Inconvenient Payment Terms. How to Cope With This Situation?

RegularPay is quite professional in such field. This company serves various business models with high quality and requires minimum efforts from clients instead. Just to make sure whether You are caught in terms of being called a “high-risk”, here is a short list of lower and higher risk industries examples. Some ventures classified as lower risk: – e-commerce; – electronics; – card-not-present; – custom products. Businesses relative to higher risk: – traveling and advanced booking; – casino, gambling, gaming and sports booking; – airlines; – auctions; – brokering; – international business; – lottery; – multicurrencies; – prepaid debit cards and other. RegularPay is ready to associate with high-risk industries and, more over, it proposes certain advantages to its partners. Thus, merchants can make profit of such useful services: -wide variety of payment solutions; – payouts on clients’ cards; – multicurrency processing; – prepaid cards; – recurring payments and many others. Some information about the company. RegularPay is a payment service provider, which offers a safe, trusted and easy method of accepting payments online. With a number of partners, acquiring banks and currencies in its fold, it is the undisputed leader among PSPs. For more information, please visit regularpay.com.]]>

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