Identive Ships 1 Million NFC Tags for African Banking and Payment Program

Identive Group, Inc., a provider of solutions and services for the identification, security and RFID industries, announced that it has received orders for one million NFC TOM™ (Tag on Metal) phone stickers to enable a banking and payment program in Africa. 800,000 of the NFC tags and all of the NFC phone stickers are scheduled to ship during the current quarter.

Additionally, the Company announced that its Tagtrail™ mobile services delivery platform is currently deployed by a leading European mobile network operator (MNO) to drive mobile marketing campaigns in Germany. Tagtrail allows customers to tap their phones to Identive’s NFC tags and receive information about loyalty program benefits, new service offerings and where to find participating merchants and retailers.

“With an estimated 270 million NFC-enable phones and tablets projected to ship to consumers this year alone, we are seeing more frequent and larger NFC projects being initiated all around the world. Users are gaining experience with NFC applications and companies of all sorts are recognizing that NFC technology can help them deliver a mobile experience for their customers that is convenient and fun,” said David Holmes, vice president NFC & Mobility Solutions for Identive. “Identive’s broad range of NFC offerings and market expertise position us globally as a premier supplier of NFC solutions. As a result, we are benefiting from the wider market trends with an increasing number of high volume orders, Tagtrail deployments and expansion into additional applications and markets.”

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