iiDENTIFii Announces Strategic Channel Partnership

South African face biometrics leader iiDENTIFii has announced that local cybersecurity provider CYBER1 Solutions, will represent their award-winning solution in South Africa. CEO of iiDENTIFii, Gur Geva, says, “We’re thrilled about the increased momentum our platform is gaining in the region through this strategic move. Collaboratively, we aim to provide a greater number of businesses with robust identity verification solutions, safeguarding both themselves and their customers from the escalating risk of cybercrime.”

Securing and verifying digital identity is a major area of focus within the tech industry. Secure identity is a powerful front line of defense against increasing cyber-attacks and fraud. From a regulatory point of view, there is growing pressure within BRICS for tech providers to digitise processes within sectors such as banking, telcos and government, while making this accessible, inclusive and safe for citizens.

Jayson O’Reilly, Managing Director of CYBER1 Solutions says, “In our provision of end-to-end security solutions, it is important for us to present a toolkit to our customers that meets them where they are and works with their existing infrastructure. iiDENTIFii not only provides a unique approach to identity verification, but it is a local business, built on local application and algorithms trained in Africa.”

iiDENTIFii is a world leading remote biometric digital authentication and automated on-boarding technology platform. Through innovative face biometrics, its frictionless, non-invasive and automated process confirms that a living person is verifying their identity in real time. With an algorithm trained on over 50 million African faces, iiDENTIFii’s solution is inclusive and deeply relevant to the African market.

O’Reilly says, “As an identity verification platform, iiDENTIFii brings phenomenal credibility in the market. The idea was born and matured locally. iiDENTIFii’s promise of scalable identity solutions is rooted in the practical experience of working closely with four tier-1 South African banks and its algorithms are tested on over 50 million African faces. Its vision is rooted in a heartfelt drive that stems from the founders’ commitment to stopping identity fraud in its tracks. Together, we are looking forward to providing customers across the continent with the best in identity protection.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to broaden our identity solutions in collaboration with respected and influential partners who possess a deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape in Africa. Together, we share a commitment to local excellence and the protection of African consumers and businesses against the threats of cybercrime,” concludes Geva.

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