Kalixa Extends Contract with Worldline

Worldline, European leader in the payments and transactional services industry, has signed a contract extension with the European-wide innovative payment solutions provider, Kalixa. The British-Austrian company will now upgrade to the new Worldline white-label platform for issuing and acquiring. The system was built as a dedicated solution for Kalixa and is hosted in a redundant Worldline data center, offering a holistic approach to authorization, clearing, settlement and dispute management. The service-oriented architecture, a web-based user interface and a modular design enable the seamless integration into the existing system environment of Kalixa.

Since 2007 Kalixa has successfully been using the Worldline Pay front office (WLP FO). In the new project the solution will be complemented by back-office solutions for acquiring (WLP ABO) and issuing (WLP IBO). Due to the requirement of Kalixa to respond quickly to new market requirements, a Worldline hosted dedicated system was chosen as it provides a high degree of flexibility.

Wolf Kunisch, Head of the Global Business Line Financial Processing & Software Licensing at Worldline, comments: “Kalixa and Worldline continue a long-term partnership. As the payment solution provider, we are pleased to further expand our existing services. As a pioneer in payment, we are always one step ahead of the market and customer needs. We support our partners and customers both in daily operations and in their strategic orientation.”

Ritz Steytler, COO at Kalixa, adds: “We are glad to extend our partnership with Worldline, as their services support us throughout the transaction lifecycle. Thanks to the innovative solutions we are able to react according to current developments and future trends.”

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