Launch of Forum Dedicated to the Unique Needs of Crypto-Currency ATM Deployers

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has launched the Crypto-Currency ATM Deployers Forum, a focused group within ATMIA dedicated to the special needs, issues and concerns of the increasingly influential crypto-currency Industry.

“Given the diverse and growing global growth of cryptocurrency dispensing ATMs, the need for systematic cooperation among these specialized deployers has never been greater. There is a heightened need for best practices and for advocacy and liaison with regulators, to ensure this vital new sector of the Industry can be truly optimized”, stated Mike Lee, ATMIA CEO and President.

“The Mission of the Cryptocurrency Deployers Forum, as a global deployers body, is to govern its activities and its working groups in a transparent, non-competitive way. The main objective is to strategically gather and align cross-industry intelligence for security professionals and stakeholders. This will result not only in understanding the emerging global landscape for BTM deployments, but also in proactively designing responses to ongoing potential government regulations as well as to combat any future security threats against dispensing ATMs”, furthered David Tente, ATMIA Executive Director for North America.

The initial members that will comprise the Forum include: Bitstop, Bitcoin of America, Bitcoin Depot, Coinflip, Genesis Coin, Liberty-X and Powercoin. Additional members from the kiosk manufacturing industry include: Genmega, Kiosk Information Systems, Nautilus USA and Olea Kiosks.

ATMIA wishes to thank all the founding members for the effort and support in creating this important Forum. The Association wishes to thank, in particular, the efforts of Mr. Jorge Fernandez, a 20+ year veteran of the ATM Industry for having the vision and initiative needed to create the Forum, while providing invaluable guidance and leadership for the group.

“ATMIA has served the needs of ATM operators worldwide for over 20 years, we look forward to serving the unique needs of the fast-growing crypto ATM Industry operators and to apply the experiences and lessons learned from the ATM Industry in this new and exciting sector,” added Mike Lee.

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