MasterCard Launches Digital Enablement Express Program to Speed the Global Rollout of Digital Payment Services for Consumers

To deliver secure digital payment options to millions of consumers rapidly, MasterCard launched Digital Enablement Express (Express). Express expedites the process of digitizing and tokenizing MasterCard accounts through the MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES).

Financial institutions of all sizes gain immediate access to the latest digital payments services, while MasterCard partners – digital wallet providers, device manufacturers, card on file merchants and other digital payment providers – have a simple onboarding process to engage with all participating banks. Together, they are able to deliver new services more quickly, and at scale, to consumers around the world. Capital One, Fifth Third Bank and KeyBank are among the first issuers to announce their support of Express.

Connected devices increasingly play a prominent role in all aspects of our daily lives. As every connected device can potentially become a secure payment device, it has created both an opportunity and challenge for financial institutions looking to provide secure digital payments to their consumers at scale. For several years, MasterCard worked closely with technology partners and financial institutions to bring tokenized payments to market. The Express global framework now enables every MasterCard issuer to securely digitize tokens into millions of devices, Internet of Things (IoT) environments and Card on File systems, providing consumers with easy access to secure digital payments.

“MasterCard is working relentlessly to increase payment security and enable innovative new digital services for consumers, to the benefit of all participants in our network,” said Ed McLaughlin, Chief Emerging Payments Officer at MasterCard. “Express now allows key technology partners to make their offerings available to all MasterCard issuers in a simple, safe and consistent manner, extending our network model into digital enablement.”

“At Capital One, we are intensely focused on bringing innovative and secure technology advancements to our tens of millions of customers to help them succeed and simplify their lives. Express provides a streamlined and efficient way for companies to create and rapidly bring to market new products and services as the pace of the evolution of digital payments continues to accelerate,” said Frank LaPrade, Chief Enterprise Services Officer, Capital One Financial Corporation.

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