MCB Launches Eco-friendly Debit Cards

To transform bank cards into vectors of change in favour of the environment. That is MCB’s chosen vision, through the implementation of its “Your card for change” program launched earlier this year in May. Through this programme, MCB donates 10 cents, for each transaction made with a debit card, to a fund destined to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. In order to take this initiative even further, MCB is now launching polylactic acid (PLA) debit cards. These cards which may, if lost in nature, decompose in a period of twelve months, are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

These cards are currently being issued to customers who request an Instakit in MCB branches. The distribution will be gradually extended to renewed debit cards and premium debit cards. With the progressive issue of these new types of cards, MCB is reiterating its commitment to the protection of the environment as part of its corporate sustainability programme, Success Beyond Numbers.

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