Micros South Africa Signs Partnership Agreement with Westpay

Westpay, a leading provider of payment solutions, and Micros South Africa (Pty) Ltd have signed an agreement, forming a long-term partnership to bring world-class digital payment services and solutions to hospitality customers across South Africa and surrounding countries. Micros is the leading provider of Hospitality Solutions in the south African region.

Within the terms of the agreement, Micros will provide merchants in the hospitality industry with Westpay’s state-of-the-art payment solutions for cashless, so-called card present, on-site transactions. In particular, Micros and Westpay are focusing on delivering integrated payment solutions for customers in the hotel and restaurant sectors as well as supporting automated self-service applications, across South Africa and surrounding countries. Micros and Westpay, both being Gold Level members of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), will cater for a strong partnership. Micros will benefit from Westpay having its payment solutions for hotels and restaurants, validated and approved through OPN.

“Together with Westpay we will expand our offering to include innovative digital payment services. It is an important addition to our portfolio of innovative products and services for the hospitality industry,” stated Paul Stephenson, Managing Director of Micros South Africa.

“We are very excited and honoured to partner with Micros, the market leader in IT for the hospitality sector on southern Africa. The partnership allows us to reach new customers, and will enable them to benefit from secure and improved payment processes,” says Sten Karlsson, CEO of Westpay.

Micros is owned by Adapt IT and is a supplier of software and hardware solutions to the hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, theme parks and stadiums. Their client list made up of more than 700 hotels and 3 500 restaurants, including Sun International, First Resorts, Hyatt, Sheraton, Radisson, KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks.

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