Nedbank CIB Sponsorships Promote Collaborative Action Towards a More Sustainable Africa

Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) recognises that delivering a maximum sustainable-development impact requires a combination of innovative sustainable finance and a commitment to leveraging our influence to grow awareness of, and participation in, the sustainability agenda.

Many of our sponsorships are geared towards the latter, to not only strengthen our position as a sustainability leader on the continent, but also highlight the importance of a collaborative sustainable development effort by all those with a heart for a greener African future. Recently, we had the unique opportunity to enter into two such sponsorships in the form of Africa’s Green Economy Summit and the Cape Town E-Prix.

The Green Economy Summit, to be held in Cape Town between 22 and 24 February, has the theme of ‘Driving the green economy investment strategy’. This aligns closely with Nedbank CIB’s sustainable development commitment and strategy, because it speaks to the importance of linking global capital with green economy projects in Africa. The summit brings together investors, project owners, business executives, governments, city leaders and policymakers with the aim of promoting and working together towards an inclusive green economy and a more sustainable future for Africa and all its people.

Nedbank CIB’s second sustainability-linked sponsorship, the 2023 Cape Town E-Prix, is the first-ever event of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa. Formula E is an innovative electric vehicle racing format and the world’s first zero-carbon sport. The event will see 11 teams of single-seater electric racing cars competing on a bespoke street track around Green Point in Cape Town with the primary aim being to raise awareness of the importance of working together to achieve a sustainable, clean-energy future for Africa. Nedbank CIB’s sponsorship of this unique event is also aimed at drawing attention to the increasingly important role that electric vehicles and e-mobility has to play in Africa’s transition to a sustainable future.

According to Arvana Singh, Head of Sustainable Finance Solutions at Nedbank CIB, and a speaker at a Green Economy Summit panel discussion, sustainable development sponsorships like these allow Nedbank CIB to play a valuable part in promoting sustainable practices and creating a positive impact on the environment and society. ‘By partnering with organisations and events like these, we are contributing to a better, more inclusive and more resilient Africa for the benefit of current and future generations,’ she explains.

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