Netcash Slashes Carbon Emissions with New Solar Installation

Leading payment solutions provider, Netcash, has invested in a grid-tied solar energy solution in line with its drive to reduce carbon emissions and operate more sustainably. IMPOWER, a vertically integrated energy company, was the contractor responsible for engineering, procurement, and project management for the solar installation.

The system comprises 162 solar photovoltaic (PV) modules installed on the east and north facing roofs of the Netcash head office in Cape Town, as well as a 60kW Huawei inverter. This configuration can generate 90 530 kWh per year, 80% of which Netcash consumes directly and 20% of which is fed back into the grid to be used later.

The solar solution caters for around 46% of the building’s total power consumption and will reduce Netcash’s annual carbon emissions by nearly 97 tonnes per year. Netcash will accrue cost savings of R130 000 in the 2022/3 financial year by reducing its grid power consumption. The solution will pay for itself in three years.

Charles Pittaway, MD of Netcash, says: “Given that South Africa is still so heavily dependent on power from fossil fuels, investing in solar is one of the best ways for any company to mitigate risk and reduce carbon emissions. We are pleased with the cost savings we will achieve, but what matters to us even more is making a small contribution towards the transition to cleaner and more sustainable power generation.”

IMPOWER Head of Engineering, Gabriel Kroes, adds: “Grid-tied solar power is one of the fastest and most efficient ways for any company to achieve a return on investment from renewable energy. It’s affordable, quick to install and enables a business to dramatically reduce its carbon emissions. Leading companies like Netcash find that solar system installations are a great way to make productive use of their vacant roof space.”

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