Nigeria Selects Papersoft and Integrated Biometrics as Tech Partners for National Financial Inclusion Program

Papersoft and Integrated Biometrics, in partnership with the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), are now part of the Financial Inclusion Strategy in Nigeria. This program aims to enroll 70 million unbanked individuals into Nigeria’s formal financial services sector by 2020.

Since 2012, Nigeria has been committed to ensuring that most of its population has access to financial services. The country has made considerable progress, collecting the biometric data of 34 million people as part of its Bank Verification Number (BVN) enrollment efforts across the country.

Central Bank of Nigeria and NIBSS want to scale these numbers. The challenge comes from reaching most of the remaining excluded population, who live in relatively undeveloped rural areas with minimal access to traditional financial services.

Papersoft and Integrated Biometrics are the technology providers for this Financial Inclusion initiative. The program captures the biometric identification of individuals, in a fast and compliant way. This simple, fast process connects secure identity with access to financial services, even in remote locations.

Integrated Biometrics’ Kojak PL and Five-0 biometric fingerprint scanners are the only truly mobile 10-finger enrollment and verification devices certified and authorized by NIBSS. These mobile solutions are perfect for emerging markets, due to their small size, lightweight, rugged construction, and reliability under demanding environmental conditions, plus the ability to run for hours off the power provided by a smartphone. They also ensure fast, agile performance that gives agents a powerful tool to help solve Identity challenges in Nigeria and to streamline access to financial services anywhere in the country.

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