Online Shopping Becoming Popular in Tanzania

University students can now acquire knowledge on e-commerce and how to open virtual shops and boost their sales thanks to an initiative from a local online shopping platform, Kaymu.

According to a statement made available to the ‘Daily News,’ the initiative dubbed ‘Kaym University’ comprises six sessions which cover the basics of Kaymu, account and shop management, order processing, payment methods, logistics and social media strategy as well as receiving in-depth information about the subjects covered.

The participants also have the opportunity to ask any questions they might have about the platform during these visits. “We’re seeing more and more people who want to take advantage of the Kaymu platform, but many of them have no experience in running an online shop.

Online shopping is less established in Africa and Asia than in many other parts of the world, so we set up these visits as a way of ensuring that all our buyers and sellers can access the tools and knowledge they need to succeed,” said Kaymu Tanzania’s Head of Marketing, Mr Angaza Nkurlu.
E-commerce is still a new concept in Africa and motivating students and other individuals to take an active role in developing online businesses is necessary for the growth of the country’s e-commerce sector.

As Tanzania’s leading online marketplace, Kaymu offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to start selling online with little up-front investment. The company is eager to work with small entrepreneurs and students to help them capitalise on this business opportunity.

Mr Thomas luhanga, one of the students from the University of Dar es Salaam who just opened a virtual shop on Kaymu said, “This is very beneficial especially to us students because, first of all little investment is needed, you don’t need to have a physical shop to run it so this completely eradicates the amount of bills you need to pay and also it gives us students extra income that we really need in order for us to sustain in our daily university life.”

Kaymu is an online and mobile shopping community that connects buyers and sellers. Buyers benefit from a convenient, user-friendly interface and consistently low prices, while sellers are able to extend their reach and cut out the costs associated with a physical shop.

Originally published on DailyNews Tanzania

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