OpenWay report | Buy Now, Pay Later — what’s your place in the consumer financing revolution?

Buy Now, Pay Later (BPNL) services are making headlines this year. Fintechs, big tech and merchants are forming new alliances to produce attractive financing options that are surging in popularity. How is this diffferent from instalment plans? How will this affect credit card companies and international payment schemes? Can you be sure that this is more than a fad?

OpenWay looks beyond the hype to give you a comprehensive guide to the BNPL multiverse. Read our report to learn:

  • How stars and newcomers to the global BNPL market are making money
  • What business strategies and technologies can help companies become the next Klarna
  • Whether BNPL is really a threat to credit cards and why major payment schemes are rethinking their strategy
  • How BNPL is creating new partnerships between fintechs, retailers, processors and merchants, and why these work

Download the report here

The report is produced by OpenWay, a global leader in digital payments software, who has long worked with issuers, acquirers, and digital wallet companies to increase their revenue via customer-facing credit products and consumer finance solutions.

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