OpenWay Scales Up Its Partner Network in East Africa

OpenWay, a top-ranked digital banking and payment software provider, has announced two new implementation partners in East Africa — TechNote Limited, along with iCon Transactions and Tracing Technologies Limited (iT&TT). These new additions to OpenWay’s partner network will allow its clients to reduce time-to-market for innovative digital payments solutions in East Africa and beyond.

TechNote Limited and iT&TT were chosen as OpenWay implementation partners since they have already demonstrated high skills and commitment in assisting with deployments, turnkey testing and onsite support for activities with OpenWay clients in East Africa. Both companies bring many years of expertise in managing and delivering payment systems, including gateways, ATM and POS, web and mobile interfaces.

Hermann Mike, Regional Director at OpenWay Sub-Sahara Africa (SSA), states: “OpenWay is already well-positioned for the future in SSA, since the leading financial institutions in the region have been relying on the Way4 payment platform for many years now. Nevertheless, we are delighted to welcome TechNote and iT&TT to OpenWay’s trusted, certified and valued regional ecosystem. We hope that through our joint projects we will deliver more end-to-end payment solutions and services like testing, R&D and support for the benefit of our customers.”

Robert Manderson, Director of Partnerships at OpenWay, comments: “These new strategic partnerships reflect the level of commitment we are all prepared to invest to ensure that we continue to deliver high-quality, innovative payments solutions to the market. OpenWay has major growth aspirations, and we look forward to working with these partners in Africa to meet them.”

Mr. Zablon Ochomo, CTO, iCon Transactions and Tracing Technologies Limited, says: “Our experts have over 10 years of experience in payment systems and consulting. Together with OpenWay we are happy to deliver solutions for users in developing countries that have social impact and bring economic growth.”

Edwin Gathuru, M.D. and Co-Founder, Technote Limited, comments: “We are excited to be chosen by OpenWay to increase its value proposition in East Africa, and we are happy to lend our local presence to expand our business with new opportunities. With a combined industry experience of over 30 years, we do believe that we have the right team of consultants who will ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of OpenWay systems, as well as offering timely in-country support.”

Both companies are participants in the OpenWay Partnership Program, launched last year to onboard new companies and help them increase their revenue as OpenWay partners in sales, technology, or implementation. New partners undergo a training program, receive partner certification, and start working on joint business opportunities with OpenWay.

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