Becomes DPO South Africa

Just over two years ago, we announced the acquisition of PayGate by the DPO Group. This meant our South African merchant community had access to the impressive DPO network to help them grow and expand into more than 18 African markets and enjoy the support of Africa’s largest payment service provider.

As part of the group’s administrative streamlining, we’ve rebranded our website from PayGate to DPO South Africa. PayGate as a solution has not changed, we will continue providing you the high level of service you’ve come to expect. With the introduction of PayFast to the DPO Group in July 2019, we are now able to offer the PayFast solution in our range of services.

In addition to this in early 2020 we will transition to a new email domain. All email communication from PayGate will in the future, be coming from the email domain, rather than the you are used to seeing.

While no action is needed on our merchant and partners’ end, we strongly suggest contacting your ISP or IT teams to whitelist the domain.

Please note that changes only apply to the email domain. You will still be able to find us on our usual web address,, just a new DPO South Africa look and feel.

Onwards and upwards,

The DPO South Team, formally known as PayGate

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