PAYONE is the New Partner of the Smart Thermostat Provider Tado°

Tado°, a young and modern company headquartered in Munich, has set its sights on developing an energy saving solution that is both smart and sustainable. Using the app of the same name, the heating and cooling systems of private households, small offices and retail shops can now be controlled remotely and intelligently. When no-one is on the premises, the system reduces the temperature, and when an occupant approaches the building, tado° automatically turns the heating back on again – like a personal heating assistant

According to the motto „Live comfortably and act responsibly“, customers can reduce their energy consumption by up to 31 per cent, thus making an important contribution: for a better global climate.

As a partner of tado°, PAYONE supports this ambitious and novel idea with its flexible payment solutions by providing its products: Payment for payment processing, Protect for risk management and Invoicing for automated invoicing. To tado°, PAYONE’s services are offering two advantages rolled into one: First, when ordering online at, customers can choose between different proven payment methods, and second, automated payment processing is relieving the Munich based company of many administrative tasks connected with payment and invoice management – thus allowing it to focus on its core business.


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