RealPay – 20 Years at the Helm of Africa’s Digital Payments

Africa’s reputation as a continent of growth, progress and innovation is nowhere more evident than in the world of FinTech. In the next four years, the continent’s digital payments market is projected to grow by 16.1%, solidifying its reliance on payments solutions that will continue to advance the economy.

RealPay has been at the core of these payments solutions, providing an extensive suite of products aimed at the contrasting financial conditions in Africa. The ability to understand country-specific needs and providing alternatives to traditional payments rails have differentiated us from the rest.

To be truly compatible with Africa’s corporate landscape, we have established offices in the countries where we operate; from South Africa, Eswatini and Lesotho, to Namibia, Botswana and Zambia, all the way up to Uganda, and now expanding into Kenya and Ghana. We remain committed to an authentic, personal relationship with our clients and stakeholders.

RealPay enables multinational companies to move swiftly into new territories by joining forces with a provider offering a bouquet of more than 30 payments solutions and over 20 years of experience in Africa.

RealPay is driven by and remains committed to our three core values: innovation, integrity and customer service.

Innovative technology

Africa’s economic acceleration and subsequent technological boom have created the need for progressive payments technology solutions.

RealPay finds creative solutions that prioritise cash flow to give companies in Africa the opportunity to grow beyond their country’s borders.

“The ability to provide a seamless payments integration to optimise processes is often a missed opportunity for businesses,” says Chief Business Development Officer, Luan Cloete. “RealPay offers our clients a full end-to-end integrated solution that in turn enhances their clients’ experience while optimising their own internal system capabilities.”


As a registered and regulated service provider, we present an efficient and safe service to our clients. The importance of trust in an industry that manages finances cannot be overstated.

“At RealPay, we understand the responsibility we have to be transparent and to act in the best interests of our clients and the industry.”

Customer service

“Our clients, and their business growth, are at the core of every decision we make,” says Cloete. “For them to grow and develop their offering to match the exact needs of expanding African companies, it is essential to keep our customer service a top priority.”

RealPay’s in-country representation signifies that our clients communicate with a team that has a full understanding of each country’s context and culture. Our tailored offerings mean that clients can use products that fit their systems rather than adjusting their structure to match the products they need.

To upgrade your payments ecosystem and associated processes, with technology that works for you and integrates into your systems, contact RealPay.

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