Shopify Introduces Chat Services for Online Merchants to Engage with their Customers

Shopping has always been a social activity that brings people together, creates conversations, and helps build brand loyalty. Last year, we launched Shopify Ping, a mobile app that centralizes all customer conversations along with intelligent, automated marketing workflows to leverage the power of chat to help you grow your business. Today, we’re excited to launch Shopify Chat, our first native chat function that allows you to have real-time conversations with customers visiting your stores and, in turn, make more sales.

You can enable Shopify Chat easily and quickly inside Shopify Ping. Once enabled, it will appear on all pages of your online store. Now available on all browsers and operating systems, customers can ask product questions, request order updates, and receive discount codes. With our unique keyboard inside Shopify Ping, you will have access to your store’s products and discounts without ever leaving the conversation, making it quick and easy to provide product recommendations, discounts, checkout links, and more.

This adds to the existing list of chat functions available within Shopify Ping including Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat, all of which are available at no additional cost. We know that customers today engage with brands on many different channels, and our goal is to make these conversations convenient and seamless. To make this experience even better, we’re also investing in dynamic conversations so that the chat platform that most resonates with a customer surfaces first.

While technology has made the world feel more connected, and online commerce has become more accessible, building strong customer relationships remains critical to any business. That’s why we’re making it extremely easy for you to communicate with your customers via chat. Check out more information on Shopify Chat here.

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