ShopKeep Pocket Mobile App Launches with Powerful, Real-Time Reporting Features

ShopKeep, the cloud-based technology provider with more than 16,000 registers in use by retail shops, restaurants, and other organizations, announced the launch of its new iOS mobile application, ShopKeep PocketTM. ShopKeep Pocket is a best-in-class mobile reporting application that enables merchants to quickly access their business data in real-time, wherever they are.

The new app will work in tandem with ShopKeep Register, the company’s point of sale application, and offers users the ability to monitor business operations via their mobile devices, permitting increased connectivity and productivity on-the-go.

“As a former merchant, I know how difficult it is to balance day-to-day operations with life away from your store. That’s why we’ve designed ShopKeep Pocket to give business owners the freedom and confidence they need to take a step back and still keep their fingers on the pulse of their business” said Jason Richelson, ShopKeep’s founder and co-CEO. “The launch of this new app is inspired by our marketing insight dashboard and is a crucial first step in a long-term strategy to deliver valuable operational data to merchants anytime, anywhere.”

ShopKeep Pocket will also offer huge benefits to businesses of all sizes. It provides small business owners with the peace of mind to oversee operations while away from the physical business, and those with multiple storefronts the ability to track the operations of all locations within one user-friendly interface.

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