SLA Mobile and Yalla Click Partner to bring Carrier Billing to Customers

Yalla Click is a Value Added Services company offering customers a wide range of content including news, entertainment, downloads and apps. By observing regional and international market trends, Yalla click are able to offer their customers the most recent developments in Value Added Services. Yalla Click have partnered with SLA Mobile to deliver content to mobile subscribers via Carrier Billing.

Carrier Billing also known as Direct Operator Billing, does not require bank account or credit card information as it allows users to pay for digital goods and services by charging the amount to their monthly phone bill or deducting it from their prepaid credit.

“Yalla Click aim to offer mobile subscribers the most recent content and by partnering with SLA Mobile they will be able to deliver their content to a diverse audience via a seamless mobile payment solution like Direct Operator Billing.” Said Amelia Power, Head of Sales and Marketing at SLA Mobile.

Mahmoud Fadel, the Chairman at Yalla Click commented, “Partnering with SLA Mobile will allow us to take our offerings to new customers as Carrier Billing exposes new revenue streams that were previously unavailable to Yalla Click.”

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