Standard Bank Mobile now Offers Smartphones

South Africa’s newest mobile network, Standard Bank Mobile, has expanded its service offering to allow customers to purchase Apple, Samsung and Huawei smartphone devices with a convenient financing option.

The Bank has introduced an innovative way to acquire a smartphone by financing devices over 24 months using an extended payment facility on Standard Bank credit card accounts. This facility is offered at a special interest rate of 11% per annum. Customers can call in to request a limit increase if required.

This convenient alternative to securing a 24-month contract with a Mobile Network Operator will also enable Standard Bank customers to enjoy the benefit of free voice and data to the value of their monthly banking fees.

Standard Bank believes that the only way to enter a crowded telecommunications market is by offering additional value to consumers. As a result, the bank has integrated several benefits into the Standard Bank Mobile operating structure that include:

  • 10% discount on handsets
  • Free voice and data to the value of a customer’s monthly account fees
  • 1MB of data for every R10 swipe
  • Ucount tiered points and up to 2GB of free data

According to Stephen Bailey, Standard Bank Mobile CEO, the organisation’s primary objective has always been to better integrate complimentary financial and mobile services into every day encounters.

“Our integrated propositions support and reward customers by ensuring that we offer the most comprehensive and affordable mobile experience on the market. Our customers get rewarded for carrying on with their daily lives, be it grocery purchases, fuel, stationary or school fees.”

“We are significantly enhancing the value that our customers receive based on the choices that they make, and rewarding them with real connectivity, value and superior banking and mobile services. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we want to make sure that they are connected when they do so.”

Standard Bank Mobile will also be introducing the following services to their customers in the near term:

  • Flexible payment options – 12 to 36 month contract structures
  • Handset insurance options

For information on handsets on offer, free data and voice offerings please visit Number porting can be completed on the website.

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