TCIB launches Collaborator Forum

As part of BankservAfrica’s efforts to get closer to the market for TCIB (Transactions Cleared on an Immediate Basis), a Collaborator Forum was launched on 9 May. This virtual meeting point enables key role-players and stakeholders to join forces with the TCIB team to ensure the success of cross-border payments in the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region.

“This initiative provides the space for the TCIB Team to share programme updates whilst learning and gaining insights from experienced marketplace participants championing modernised payments in the SADC,” explains Odette Smit, Product Manager of TCIB at BankservAfrica.

BankservAfrica supports collaborators by providing guidance, information, training, access to key documents, as well as general support.

“We value the insights and inputs from our expert and experienced collaborators to grasp the uniqueness of each market. By way of the synergies in these partnerships, we endeavour to take the TCIB scheme to greater heights,” says Odette.

During the first Collaborator Forum, the team focused on familiarising collaborators with the current state and long-term vision for TCIB as a SADC payment solution. Following that was a discussion on maximising the potential opportunities while addressing some of the issues on the ground.

“All great things take time, and in the case of TCIB, this Collaborator Forum is an important step in realising the vision behind TCIB while overcoming some of the pain points,” says Odette. “We believe these will assist in mobilising the market to broaden the TCIB access and use.”

Another exciting development for the team involved the welcoming of the first two integrators on TCIB. Traderoot Africa, which operates and licenses fintech solutions, and GluGlobal, leading systems integrations specialists, were recently onboarded and certified.

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