Telecel Introduces Telecash Bundles

Telecel Zimbabwe has introduced Telecash bundles that allow subscribers to send money, cash out and pay bills at no charge once they have paid a once-off monthly fee of either $2.50 or $5.

The newly introduced Telecash bundles will allow subscribers to send money, cash out and pay bills at no charge for 25 days after having paid a flat bundle rate of either $2.50 or $5 depending on their individual preferences.

The $2.50 bundle will let registered telecash subscribers send money worth $500 to registered numbers at no charge. The bundle will also allow subscribers to cash out at no charge for transactions valued at $500 or below. It will also allow users to send a maximum of $500 to unregistered numbers.

The $5 bundle allows registered telecash subscribers to send money worth $1 000 to registered numbers at no charge at all. The bundle will also let subscribers cash out at no charge for transactions valued at $1 000. It also permits subscribers to send a maximum of $1 000 to unregistered numbers.

Each Telecash bundle comes with a free 30 minutes Telecel-to-Telecel promotional airtime.

“The Telecash bundles are our way of continuing to provide value for our customers. We have used bundles for our data and voice services and it was only natural to consider offering Telecash bundles to our customers. These bundles will create more value for our Telecash users as we continue to innovate and bring affordability to our Telecash platform. I urge all our customers to register for Telecash and start using these affordable bundles,” said Telecel’s Head of Mobile Financial Services, Arthur Matsaudza.

The Telecash platform has just clocked a million users to date and Telecel expects the latest Telecash bundles to grow the number of registered users even more.

“We expect our new Telecash bundles to be a huge pull factor for more customers signing up to register on the Telecash platform as the bundles will make transacting attractive due to their affordability,” explained Mr. Matsaudza.

Telecash has already been allowing its subscribers to send money for free to registered numbers prior to the introduction of the new bundles. The new bundles are likely to provide huge relief to hard-pressed subscribers who will now be able to get exactly what has been sent from their valued relatives and friends.

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