TRA, Bank Launch New Service to Ease Tax Payment

TWIGA Bancorp Limited (TBCL) and Tanzania Revenue Authority have launched a new service to help customers to pay taxes through a network of Tanzania Customs Integrated Systems (TANCIS).

The Chairman of Board of Directors of TBCL, Prof Amon Mbelle, said in Dar es Salaam that the partnership was aimed at improving services to customers wherever they are.

“We believe through this service we will build confidence to Tanzanians in conducting their business through the internet,” he said.

Prof Mbelle said that all traders who pass their baggage at Julius Nyerere and Kilimanjaro International Airports now will be able to pay their taxes to our existing branches near them without moving very far to search for those services.

The adoption of TANCIS has been fuelled by the public and clearing and forwarding companies’ outcry over the old system which was marred with a lot of bureaucracies and delays.

The new customs system which involves simplified and transparent cargo clearance procedures in Tanzanian ports has been in place since March. It also issue SMS alerts to inform importers of the progress of their clearance request so they know at all times what is happening and are able to verify things like fees and duties that need to be paid.

TANCIS bring greater transparency in the Customs clearance requirements and process. As the system is available online, all relevant parties are able to access it and see the relevant documentation.

The Chairman further said that the new service will help traders and community at large to use bank services, also it will help them to expand their businesses through loans.

Education officer and services for TRA, Mr Sigmund Kafura, said that though some people are resistant to changes which has been taking place like the use of TANCIS, they have been doing their best to make sure people cope with that.

“Due to technological advancement some of the changes has greater impact in our lives thus people should learn that the system is secure for everyone to use it,” he said.

Mr Kafura said that the system which has link in other stakeholders like shipping lines and Tanzania Ports Authority to speed up the goods clearing process. Banks are also linked up to facilitate quick payment of customs fees and duties.

Originally published on DailyNews

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