TSYS and iMobile3 Partner to Provide Apple Pay Integration

TSYS announced its partnership with iMobile3 to facilitate merchants processing transactions from the recently unveiled Apple Pay with the cloud-based PassMarket Platform.

PassMarket currently provides merchants with the essential features to conduct mobile commerce with consumers that include: order ahead, loyalty, offers, e-gift cards, social media, and in-app messaging. More than10,000 merchants and 5 million consumers are currently using PassMarket-branded mobile storefront applications.

TSYS was named as a processor that immediately supports Apple Pay as announced by Apple on Tuesday, September 9. TSYS will provide its merchants and partners with the PassMarket mobile storefront platform and Software Development Kit (SDK), pre-certified with TSYS Merchant Services, and capable of processing Apple Pay.

In 2014, commerce initiated from mobile phones and tablets is expected to total $114 billion in the U.S. alone, according to research firm Juniper*.

“TSYS’ partnership with iMobile3 allows our merchants to interact and connect with customers using a best-in-class mobile storefront experience and allows secure payments with Apple Pay. We expect Apple’s entry into mobile payments to revolutionize the industry and we are happy to be at the forefront along with iMobile3,” said Craig Ludwig, head of product, TSYS Merchant Services.

“As a mobile technology pioneer, our entire team has been grateful for the opportunity to participate in this mobile payment revolution from its inception. Our partnership with TSYS to support Apple Pay on day one is truly a special event for us at iMobile3,” said Bob Leonard, chief executive officer, iMobile3. “Enabling our merchants with the ability to provide consumers an easy, secure and private payment option using their mobile devices will change the landscape of business forever.”

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