TSYS Releases White Paper on Mobile Wallet Solutions

TSYS has announced the release of a white paper titled “What’s Missing? Creating a Comprehensive Mobile Wallet Solution.” The paper highlights critical factors that will determine the mobile wallet’s future adoption in the U.S. and its acceptance among merchants. It also explores how a more robust wallet solution can solve consumers’ needs.

The report is based on primary research conducted by TSYS in January 2014 among 500 consumers to explore key issues that will affect the evolution of the mobile wallet and to reveal consumers’ wants and needs relative to a mobile wallet solution.

“U.S. mobile wallet providers have struggled to win over consumers,” said Chris Colson, director of Innovation at TSYS. “With this study we looked to discover what will compel the U.S. market to enthusiastically adopt mobile wallet applications. The findings were surprising.”

The study found that consumers want a comprehensive mobile wallet that provides not just payment capabilities, but also completely replaces the physical wallet. From a consumer perspective, because the perceived convenience of using a physical plastic payment card is still quite high, the added convenience of using a mobile wallet for payments is absent if they still need to carry a physical wallet for other items such as their driver’s license and other identification information.

The white paper offers steps for issuers to establish partnerships with government agencies to facilitate integration of digital identification into the mobile wallet to accelerate widespread adoption.

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