Verian’s Latest Release of Purchase-to-Pay Suite Streamlines User Experience and Automates More

Verian announced its latest release of Verian 15, the market-leading Purchase-to-Pay suite, is live in the cloud. This release presents customers with new innovative technology to significantly augment time and cost savings that can be re-invested in strategic company efforts.

Highlights from the Verian 15.3 release include:

  • Zero approval times: This release simplifies approval workflows to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to approve a request – even down to zero approval time for items that are auto-approved in the system. Verian’s model allows companies to package critical items into pre-approved kits that can be made available to requesters via eCatalogs – without requiring additional approvals. Examples include new hire packs, remote employee kits and re-occurring office supply bundles. Requesters can now simply order these kits with an experience similar to online shopping, and receive items quickly – giving everyone valuable time back in their day.
  • Extended project-based buying tools: Project-based buying is even more comprehensive with this new release, capturing more spend in the system, providing users additional insight into project spending against contracts and saving time associated with managing costs.

Project spending against contracts can now be better managed with tools to

  • Track spending on contracts at each stage, from buying to invoice processing
  • Tie off-catalog items and blanket purchase orders (POs) to contracts
  • Access new contract-based reports and Key Performance Indicators

Users are also benefiting from increased efficiency through

  • Placing large orders quickly by updating project information in one click
  • Preventing coding errors by restricting which codes are available to users for charging purchases back to projects
  • Eliminating manual tasks by automatically importing invoices against blanket POs for service and project-based spending

“Verian does more than automate purchasing and invoicing – we help clear paths for companies to pursue what matters to them,” said Tehseen Ali Dahya, President and CEO of Verian. “We are proud to have a product that continually improves company-wide processes to support customers in realizing a competitive advantage.”

Verian deploys new releases to customers quarterly to ensure they have the latest advancements in Purchase-to-Pay technology at their fingertips. With its true multi-tenancy architecture, all cloud customers receive the upgrades seamlessly and simultaneously, making sure everyone has the very latest innovations.

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