Westpac to Enable UnionPay Card Acceptance by all its Merchants in Australia

UnionPay International and Westpac jointly announced on June 12 in Sydney that Westpac would enable acceptance of UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62) by all its merchants in Australia within the next two years. To date, all the four major banks in Australia will be able to accept UnionPay cards on their ATMs and POS terminals. The local UnionPay card acceptance environment is dramatically optimized and merchant acceptance is expected to grow to over 80% by the end of 2016. Cai Jianbo, CEO of UnionPay International, and Brain Hartze, CEO of Westpac, jointly attended the ceremony.

During the Boao forum held in April 2014, UnionPay International signed an agreement with Westpac in the presence of government leaders from both China and Australia. The cooperation was pushed forward quickly ever since. A the end of last year, Westpac enabled the acceptance of UnionPay cards by its AMTs in Australia and island countries including Fiji. The latest development will see UnionPay card acceptance by Westpac’s 150,000 POS terminals in Australia. As the next step, the two sides will expand their cooperation to more areas including contactless payment, local card issuance and online payment.

Cai Jianbo said that UnionPay International has realized all-round cooperation with all the four major banks in Australia as all the merchants of ANZ and Westpac starts accepting UnionPay cards. The local UnionPay card businesses have gained more space for development and the acceptance environment and card-using services are expected to be further optimized. At present, we are actively deepening our cooperation with local institutions and enhance product and service innovations to provide UnionPay cardholders with more secure and diversified payment services to keep up with the trend that an increasing number of tourists and foreign students are going to Australia.

Brain Hartze said they would push forward the acceptance of UnionPay cards by the bank’s merchants and they believe the cooperation between the two sides will provide more convenient and preferential payment experiences to UnionPay cardholders and at the same time bring more customers to the merchants and realize win-win results.

Currently, the UnionPay card acceptance has expanded to over 150 countries and regions with more than 26 million merchants and 1.8 million ATMs accepting UnionPay cards globally. In Australia, the UnionPay card service system has taken shape and is able to provide payment convenience to both UnionPay cardholders visiting the country and local cardholders. UnionPay cards are accepted by 80% of local ATMs and about 50% of merchants, covering almost all the places frequently visited by tourists including shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and well-known scenic spots. In addition, payments with UnionPay cards are accepted by 97% of the taxies and UnionPay credit cards are accepted for tax refund at 15 customs ports. Meanwhile, almost all the institutions of higher learning in Australia have enabled cross-border online tuition payment with UnionPay cards. The number of online merchants accepting UnionPay cards is on the rise.

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