Zapper and Yoyo Integration Indicative of More Collaboration in Payment Space

Zapper and Yoyo (previously wiGroup) are working together to broaden interoperability in the QR code space, giving their merchants access to more payment options with a single QR code, ensuring customers can pay quickly and safely with their favourite mobile payment option.

This partnership between Zapper and Yoyo is currently available at the Famous Brands’ retail outlets, with a view to expand beyond that.

“By mapping Zapper to the Yoyo wiCode, merchants only have to present one QR code to their customers. It is then up to the customer to choose which app they open and use to scan and pay. This benefits merchants as it increases the payment options without creating more friction for their customers. It also benefits customers through the power of choice, allowing them to use whichever solution they feel best answers their needs,” Brett White, CEO of Zapper explains.

Yoyo is a customer loyalty and a rewards SaaS business. The international group resulted from a merger between local company, wiGroup and UK-based Yoyo Wallet.

Mobile payment, customer loyalty and rewards platform, Zapper’s decision in 2019 to build out a payment platform that allows rapid and easy integration has significantly benefited the rate at which it has deployed new offerings. The platform allows third parties to integrate the ability to scan and pay Zapper and partner enabled QR codes from within their own branded app. This includes banking apps, telco apps as well as retail apps.

Recent expansion has included integration with three of the largest parking management systems, completed in October last year as well as with pharmacy megastore, Dis-Chem in 2019. The inclusion of Zapper into the Huawei Pay offering in recent months is also testament to the growth trajectory of the company as well as its commitment to facilitate secure payments over as many platforms as possible.

White says Zapper’s work with Yoyo brings the payment industry a step closer to interoperability that is based on win-win commercial agreements.

“Creating a level playing field in the payment ecosystem which doesn’t result in disintermediation is good for everyone. Making space at the table for large and small players will benefit the customer and ultimately benefit the industry,” he says.

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