45 Colleges in Taiwan Start Accepting Tuition Payment with UnionPay Cards

UnionPay International announced it cooperated with Bank of Taiwan to enable the acceptance of UnionPay cards (card number starting with 62) on the Bank’s tuition and fees portal, allowing 45 local institutions of higher learning to accept tuition payment with UnionPay cards. The platform is the largest local tuition payment platform, where UnionPay becomes the sole international bank card brand it is accepting.

In recent years, more and more students from the Chinese mainland choose to study in Taiwan, with an average annual increase of thousands. In order to better serve this group, UnionPay International entered into cooperation with Bank of Taiwan on the acceptance of UnionPay cards issued in the Chinese mainland by all institutions of higher learning on the Bank’s tuition and fees portal. The platform covers almost 50% of the local institutions of higher learning, including the National Quemoy University, National Taipei University of Technology, National Tsing Hua University and Chung Shan Medical University. In the future, more schools in Taiwan are expected to accept UnionPay card online payment.

UnionPay card cross-border online tuition payment can be completed with easy steps. Students can log on to the tuition and fees portal of Bank of Taiwan (https://school.bot.com.tw) and submit their write-off number of the tuition bill, and then enter the payment page and complete tuition payment via UnionPay online payment. The procedure is convenient and the payment can be made instantly without the need to withdraw cash or queue up at bank outlets to make transfer. UnionPay online payment is capable of ensuring the security of cross-border online payments through multiple security technology guarantees as well as risk monitoring.

UnionPay card is providing more and more Chinese mainland students studying overseas with secure and convenient cross-border online tuition payment service. Currently, UnionPay card cross-border tuition payment service is available for over 600 universities in countries and regions including Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Britain and Taiwan, covering the major destinations for Chinese mainland students to study overseas. Furthermore, almost all the institutions of higher learning in Australia have enabled this service.

To keep up with the trend of the increasing interaction of cross-strait education and the rising popularity of travelling to Taiwan, the UnionPay card service system in Taiwan is increasingly improved, covering both online and offline services. Currently, UnionPay cards have been accepted by over 90% of ATMs for cash withdrawal and by almost 70% of merchants for purchases in Taiwan, including paying for travels with the High Speed Rail, the Taiwan Railway and Taiwan Taxies with UnionPay cards. In the meantime, tourists on individual tours can book accommodations, hot spring and guesthouse in Taiwan via EZHOTEL. Tourists who like Taiwan specialty cakes can purchase pineapple cakes with UnionPay cards on the official website of Chia Te Bakery.

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