Absa Goes All Digital

Absa, wholly owned by Barclays Africa Group, is making the transition to a fully digital financial services provider. Updating existing and developing completely new technologies will transform the way South Africans bank and set Absa apart from anything that most traditional banks offer, end-to-end.

The bank announced this at a press event held in Rosebank where it also disclosed its plans on the future of digital banking.

Absa has committed to actively investing in IT infrastructure and expansion. It has made substantial improvements also having launched its App last year available to both individual and business customers, and being the first bank in the country to trial near field communication payments that let users put cash on their phone to spend in-store.

Arrie Rautenbach, Head of Retail Banking Absa, said Absa is now in the final phase of refining their operating model with the promise of a radically digitised customer experience. “Over the last few months we have optimised our branch processes to move towards a paperless environment that will save our customers and our colleagues time and make their lives easier,” he said.

Rautenbach said: “Consumers increasingly demand an end-to-end experience and greater consistency when accessing their bank accounts remotely via their mobile, an ATM, their PC or even their iPad.”

“New generation customers like to manage their banking portfolio, functions and fulfilment of banking requests themselves, and Absa’s digital strategy will make it one of the most digitally enabled banks in the country,” says Rautenbach.

The first embodiment of our digital transformation is the pilot of an instant account opening process, which allows our branch consultants to open a cheque account for customers in a few minutes directly from a tablet device.

Absa recognises that convenience is a key factor in customers’ lives. Absa Online has enabled its customers to perform much more than simple banking transactions. Customers can apply for various products including personal loans, online insurance and savings accounts in a quick and simple process which gives them immediate feedback.

Absa Online also allows customers to manage their ATM and card daily limits, register themselves for internet banking and set their transaction limits without needing to visit a branch and it is available at no cost to all transactional customers.

The digitisation extends to Absa’s ATM network, which is one of the most extensive in the country. Personal and business customers can make cash deposits into a business account on any cash-accepting ATM. “On the journey to radical digitisation it is important to remember our customers who prefer traditional banking channels and provide them with 24/7 convenience, too.” said Rautenbach. 80% of customers in a branch are non-Absa customers looking to make deposits into Absa account or pay bills. The new cash-accepting ATM devices make this task easier for Absa and non-Absa customers alike and allow branch staff to focus on providing financial solutions to customers in-branch.

To assist entrepreneurs and business customers, Absa has also recently launched a device that plugs into the headphone jack of a mobile phone and allows merchants to swipe cards (including chip cards) and take payments remotely. Called the Payment Pebble, the device has recently become commercially available and is the most affordable point of sale solution in South Africa. The bank says entrepreneurs who have utilised the Payment Pebble have seen a spike in sales by being able to accept card payments remotely.

He adds: “Everything significant we are working on is part of the move to offer customers a digital banking experience from start to finish. The move ensures customers’ banking needs are met in real time and means our clients prosper with value-added services to conduct the transaction of their choice through the channel of their choice – any time, any place, with any device.”

“Absa remains true to our promise of banking convenience and technological advances that support a safe 24-hour banking experience that makes the lives of our customers much easier in the aim to become South Africa’s Go-To retail bank,” concludes Rautenbach.

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