Access Bank Opens Branch in Tabora

Access Bank Tanzania has opened a branch in Tabora Region to bring the number of its branches in the country up to ten, in accordance with its expansion programme.

The branch opened recently offers a full range of banking services, business loans to micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, Access Bank Chief Executive Officer, Mr Roland Coulon, said in a statement.

The branch also offers agriculture loans to local farmers with flexible conditions similar to the current micro loans for traders.

“After a very successful year 2013 during which Access Bank became the first pure microfinance player in Tanzania in terms of gross loan portfolio, we are very excited about the growth potential in the Lake Zone area and Tabora in particular in order to consolidate this position,” he said.

Tabora is endowed with substantial social economic resources in which large scale farmers and entrepreneurs will benefit greatly from Access Bank services, he said.

With more than 40 talented and well trained employees, Tabora branch is set to provide customers with an excellent quality of service,” he said.

Access Bank Tanzania, a commercial bank with a special focus on micro-finance was created in 2007 by international shareholders such as AccessHolding, International Finance Corporation (World Bank), KfW, African Development Bank and BIO.

It is a socially responsible bank for the lower and middle income strata of the Tanzanian society, with the objective to be the leading provider of financial services in Tanzania.

“Access Bank is looking forward for more upcountry expansion in a bid to deepen the financial inclusion in Tanzania, while offering a very high convenience and easy access to banking services to underserved or unserved customers,” he said.

Originally Published on Daily News Tanzania

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