ACI Worldwide Honored at MEFTECH Innovation Awards for SWIFT gpi Initiatives with Middle East Financial Institutions

ACI Worldwide, a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions, has been awarded ‘Best Use of Emerging or Innovative Technology’ at MEFTECH 2019 in Saudi Arabia. Part of the region’s premier banking and financial technology event, MEFTECH’s Innovation Awards showcase the achievements of organizations that are advancing payments innovation and excellence across the Middle East.

ACI Worldwide was selected by a panel of independent judges for its launch of SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (gpi) services for the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), the country’s first bank to join the growing global gpi community. NBK customers benefit from same day transfer and use of funds, reduced timelines and greater transparency, as the bank strengthens its position to develop value-add services for customers based on enriched data available via SWIFT gpi.

“We are honored to be recognized by the MEFTECH Innovation Awards for our use of emerging and innovative payments technology; it is a testament to the strength of our global solutions, but also the local team that delivers critical support to ensure the success of customers such as NBK,” said Manish Patel, vice president, ACI Worldwide. “Leveraging the richer data of SWIFT gpi, which is made possible by the gpi capabilities that are part of ACI’s flexible payments engine, has allowed NBK – and many other customers around the world – to deliver greater transparency in cross-border transactions and facilitate better communication and reconciliation.”

ACI Worldwide was the first certified vendor of SWIFT gpi solutions and a SWIFT partner for more than twenty years. ACI’s gpi solutions enable banks to quickly and efficiently support gpi payments. The gpi Data Service and gpi Connect capabilities are available as part of ACI’s UP Real-Time Payments solution or as stand-alone solutions that can be integrated into a bank’s existing back office systems.

To learn more about SWIFT gpi, please visit: ACI SWIFT gpi solutions

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