Announcing Google Wallet for WePay

Mobile devices account for 60 percent of Internet traffic, but less than 20 percent of online transactions. Why? Because entering your credit card info into a mobile device sucks, so people don’t usually do it, or they abandon the process halfway through.

WePay powers payments on platforms like, Constant Contact, FreshBooks, GoFundMe and Meetup, so this is something we’re very concerned with. We know it’s up to us to make it as easy as possible for folks to make and receive payments on the platforms we serve.

That’s why we think it’s great that the two most dominant players in mobile, Google and Apple, are investing in mobile wallet solutions that help address the very real usability problem around payments. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our first integration with a mobile wallet — WePay now supports Google Wallet Instant Buy, a service that lets Google Wallet users check out in just two clicks on mobile and web without exposing their sensitive information to third parties.

Although Google Wallet is our first of announcement of its kind, you can expect to see more like it soon. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for any online platform to take advantage of mobile wallet technologies, no matter what those technologies are. We started with Google Wallet because Android is shipped on the majority of smart phones globally, and Google Wallet can be used both in native applications and on the mobile web. That means it currently serves the most users in the most contexts, and that makes for an excellent first step.

By teaming up with Google, WePay is the first payment company of its kind to enable partners and their end-users to support Google Wallet without having to spend the time and effort to integrate with Google themselves.

InvoiceASAP is the first of our partners to adopt the new service, instantly enabling its more than 200,000 small businesses users to accept Google Wallet.

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