Annual Results: Wirecard AG Reports a Successful 2015 Fiscal Year

Outlook The e-commerce market continues to offer considerable potential for growth, not least thanks to the ongoing internationalisation of suppliers. At the same time, Internet technologies are increasingly dominating all sales channels. “We are achieving sustainable growth through the geographical expansion and networking of our business and our payment innovations.” said Wirecard CEO Dr Markus Braun. Globally active companies require a partner who can guarantee the acceptance of global and national payment methods including connections to local banking networks and who at the same time can minimise fraud and risk for retailers. Wirecard enjoys an international presence with locally networked units and integrates all relevant payment methods in its global platform. The geographical growth strategy is closely linked with the objectives of supporting customers and partners globally in the best way possible through secure payment processing and acceptance and further increasing Wirecard’s expertise in the area of risk management. The Wirecard Group will continue to pursue primarily organic growth in its target markets. Acquisition opportunities will continue to be reviewed according to conservative M&A criteria. The strategy envisages providing customers of Wirecard AG with highest quality technology and service that is made readily available through the company’s presence on all continents. Wirecard AG’s Management Board expects operating earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of between EUR 290 million and EUR 310 million in 2016. This growth forecast is based on the market growth of online transactions in Europe, dynamic development of our global business, particularly in Asia, and our activities in the area of mobile services, as well as on our ability to open up new business areas.]]>

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